0 to 500.000Hz (-3dB).
The legendary Audionet flatline, built into each and every machine.
Audionet MAX TAS Editors Choice Award 2023
Unbelievably precise, incorruptible
musical machines.
H.B. - HiFi-Test designedition



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Revolutionary Resolution

You would be hard pressed to find a more competent preamplifier anyplace on this planet. This pretty much sums up the PRE G2 in a nutshell. As for what it is capable to do to and with music – words fail us. But fortunately not the knowing members of the press.

There are not that many things in this world you could justly qualify as being the optimum of their respective category. The epitome of what human beings can achieve with maximal effort at a given moment in time and space. To listen to or even own something falling in this category ranks among the more memorable experiences we can have on this earth. One can very well exist outside of the reality distortion field these things project. But there are many people who – once they had an epiphany like this – understandably prefer not to.


No Compromise Whatsoever

The PRE G2, our uber-reference preamplifier, is simply the richest source of pure sound imaginable. With maximum resolution and total freedom from coloration, rough- and fine-dynamical precision and stunning spatial accentuation, the PRE G2 reproduces music in all its natural texture and abundance.

Compromise is a concept foreign to the PRE G2. Benefitting from the fruits of our cutting-edge research and development, the Audionet engineers devised and tested every detail with painstaking accuracy. The circuitry concept is state-of-the-art, the standard of assembly is flawless, and every component was selected meticulously. As nothing else satisfies our requirements, we manufacture our own operation amplifiers, pulse transmitters and signal cables for the PRE G2.

The Volume is regulated with an electronic precision resistance network that linearizes in real time. Signal-carrying and controlling functions are optically separated. Input and output circuits are immune to negative influences from connected equipment. Thus the PRE G2 has re-defined the bounds of the possible. Noise, distortion and crosstalk are practically eliminated. All information is presented on a large display, every function is remotely controllable.

PRE G2, the definitive answer to the pre-amplifier question. Or, to say it in the words of Lukretius: Man can understand the nature of things.





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