0 to 500.000Hz (-3dB).
The legendary Audionet flatline, built into each and every machine.
Audionet MAX TAS Editors Choice Award 2023
Don’t play what’s there,
play what’s not there.


Additional magic.



GAUSS – our patented sound turbine

Radically improve the sound of any great system with our newest paramagnetic invention.


Remote Controls

Remote Control RC 1

RC 1

The Audionet Metal Remote Control RC1 is designed to control both Audionet CD-Player and Audionet Stereo Integrated or Pre-Amplifiers. So for Player and Amplifier only one remote control is needed. The Audionet RC1 gives full access to all user operations.


Remote Control RC2

RC 2

The Audionet Metal Remote Control RC2 is designed to control Audionet network devices (so called DNx devices). If the DNx device is a source without volume control (like Audionet DNC) the RC2 can also be used to control an Audionet pre- or integrated amplifier. The Audionet RC2 gives full access to all user operations.


Phono Modules

Audionet Phono Module

Phono Module

For our Pre-Amplifiers DNP and PRE I G3 we offer an excellent phono module for MM and MC cartridges. It is also available for the integrated stereo amplifier SAM G2.


Phono Module DNA

Phono Module DNA I

We offer an ultra-compact phono module for our integrated network amplifier DNA I.



Network Cables

Network Cables N20, N100 & N1000

Audionet network cables ensure most accurate signal transfer up to highest frequencies. The Audionet decoupling technology provides an electrical separation from the computer network and guarantees a distortion free signal transfer.


Power Cords

Power Cords P20, P100 & P1000

Audionet power cords guarantee a maximum of power flow, minimum resistance and the highest degree of protection against internal and external crossfeed. Additionally special ferrite beads suppress high frequency noise.