0 to 500.000Hz (-3dB).
The legendary Audionet flatline, built into each and every machine.
Audionet MAX TAS Editors Choice Award 2021Audionet Planck2
The sense of profound catharsis.


The world is listening.


THE ABSOLUTE SOUND: Five Audionet Amps among the best on the planet

TAS just published their official recommendations for 2023. They are the same as in 2022. We’re again listed with STERN, HEISENBERG, HUMBOLDT, PRE G2 und MAX (WATT and SAM SE haven’t been tested as of now) and like that very much. Thank you, guys!


Rave GAUSS review in Germany’s leading High End magazine

“Finally, a useful accessory that will blow your mind when you refine your hi-fi chain with it.” writes the head of HIFI SOUND&MUSIC and dedicates 8 pages to our patented cable raisers GAUSS which are an invention by an Audionet officer whose phenomenal cables WITCHCRAFT and CARBON AGE we use ourselves, find them at Voodoolabs. 5/5 *****

Check it out here: the “invention of the year”


New ART G5 and PLANCK2 are now available:

PLANCK2 and ART G5 are our final statement re. the classical compact disc. No other machine on the market plays with such utmost precision, formidable ease and deep-rooted musicality. Check them out now in the MACHINES section of this website.


French HAUTE FIDELITÉ loves SAM 20 SE:

“This precision also gives the voices a singular freedom, in their expression as well as in their placement, in accordance with the recording. Thus, great instrumental compositions benefit from being listened to again, because Audionet makes available to the ear an abundance of details. Finesse and harmonic refinement devoid of any aggressiveness.”

Read the french originale here:

Haute Fidelité on SAM 20 SE


“The best phono-pre we’ve ever tested” German AUDIOTEST on our PAM:

“The PAM is and remains the ruler of scaling.” “Razor sharp resolution.” “The quality and circuitry correspond to the standards one would expect when it came to life and death. “Playback quality: 60/60, equipment + processing 20/20, best phono pre ever with 99/100 points.

Read the full test (German ;) here:

AUDIOTEST on Audionet PAM G2


“A very great moment in Hi-Fi” German STEREO loves HUMBOLDT:

“What then began can confidently be counted among the great moments of a hi-fi life. As a STEREO editor, you can justifiably consider yourself one of the privileged contemporaries when it comes to handling exorbitantly expensive and high-class components. But how effortlessly Humboldt was able to eat his opponents was a shocking experience.” Read the English version:

HUMBOLDT TEST in German STEREO, English version


“Today’s benchmarks.” Review in THE ABSOLUTE SOUND 7/20:

“A degree of resolution and transparency I’ve yet to hear from any other set of electronics.” Read ‘The Audio Analyst’ Greg Weaver’s most insightful and very very delighted review of STERN and HEISENBERG in the newest TAS:


HUMBOLDT Product of the Year. Yeah.

Product of the Year + Gold Award from AVShowrooms for our magnificient HUMBOLDT, the probably best Integrated on the planet. Thanks, pals!


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