You’d Think It Was Tubes

Positive Feedback 80 PAM G2
“It was the same with the other Audionet Reference Level gear I’ve auditioned — the MAX monoblocks, which are now my reference, and the PRE G2 Preamplifier They all have an inherently neutral profile – what you feed in is what you get out – but there is no solid-state signature. These machines have smooth textures, lots of timbral variation, full body, and warmth like tubes, but also the precision, speed, and power of solid-state. But the PAM G2 edges even closer to valves than the others. I’ve been waiting patiently for this gear that is capable of doing it all, resolving the paradoxical playback demands of neutrality and beauty. It’s arrived. The PAM G2 is certainly deserving of membership in this select group of next gen advanced solid-state components.” Marshall Nack in his PAM G2 review – Positive Feedback, Issue 80…