0 to 500.000Hz (-3dB).
The legendary Audionet flatline, built into each and every machine.
Audionet MAX TAS Editors Choice Award 2023
Densely filled holographics,
with oodles of front-to-back layering.
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Making Vinyl Fly


Making Vinyl Fly

With the unique circuit, function and operating concept of the new PAM G2, Audionet has once again made a seminal technological advance. The new PAM G2 is an absolutely consistent High Performance system; the first phono pre-amplifier in the world to which not only two record players / pick-ups can be connected, but which includes an external, precision mains adaptor for a precise and ultra-stable current supply and a controller allowing the remote-control of all functions and the display of all settings on a large display. For the first time ever, we have enabled the remote selection of inputs; each input can be controlled and modified separately for amplification, input resistance and capacity, even during operation.

With its uncompromising demands for the best sound, engineering, flexibility and ease of operation, the new PAM G2 represents the first choice for all true connoisseurs.

The new PAM G2 plays records with a striking degree of informational diversity, revealing even the smallest of nuances with full emotion, convincing with its exquisite naturality and faithfulness to detail. The reproduction of fundamental low produces a deep-reaching sound and an authentic rhythm. The PAM G2 generates an astonishingly wide tonal range, producing a superbly sophisticated musical experience with the greatest degree of reality in which music is not played, but brought to life.

With settings for capacity, input resistance and variable amplification, the PAM G2 can be adapted to all high-end pick-ups. Its gilded parallel connections produce exceptional connectivity values. Operation with a precision external mains adapter EPS G2, EPX or controller EPC means the sound production of the PAM G2 can be extended even further.


Please note:

If you consider on purchasing a PAM G2 System with the external mains adapter controller EPC, the PAM G2 must be bought together with the EPC in first place, because the PAM G2 must be equipped with the optional 40 pole input to work with the EPC!


The PAM G2 System

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