0 to 500.000Hz (-3dB).
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DNA 2.0

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A New Breed of Integrated Amplifier

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This Audionet product is discontinued since 2017!



A New Breed of Integrated Amplifier

The creation of the DNA (Digital Network Amplifier) began with a single aim: to build the best sounding and most versatile integrated amp possible, capable of interacting with all current music reproduction sources. R&D was allowed to operate with uncompromising rigor and dedication at all phases, leading to the DNA’s astonishing powerful performance, innovative digital and analogue signal processing and circuit design. The Audionet DNA is therefore more than a stellar integrated amplifier – it is a universal interface for digital music, and an audiophile’s power station. Reading from computers, servers, HDD, USB sticks/drives and streaming from the internet – via cable or wireless – the Audionet DNA will turn any digital music data into a captivating and emotionally fulfilling musical experience.

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Audionet Music Manager for Android and iOS.

Audionet’s DNA, considered a premium choice among elite integrated amplifiers, allows an ease of use that is uncommon in the high-end audio world. With intuitive and powerful apps, it interfaces with all tablet PCs and smart phones, including all members of the Android and iOS operating systems (Audionet aMM – Audionet Music Manager for Android, Audionet iMM – Audionet Music Manager for iOS).

The Audionet DNA is the first network client, Digital to Analog converter and power amplifier able to be fully integrated into a network and operated entirely by a PC or Mac. Our in-house developed software RCP (Audionet Remote Control Point) allows the user to organize complex functions and settings effortlessly through a GUI (graphic user interface).The RS-232 interface allows in addition for professional integration into home automation systems. At long last it can also be controlled in the classic way with the Audionet System Remote Control.

The Audionet DNA allows near unlimited options to adjust the music reproduction, setting a new standard in high quality customizable music reproduction systems. To accomplish this, we have further enhanced our proven and acclaimed digital filter technology and integrated it into the DNA. As a result, the Audionet DNA is the very first stereo power amp that is equipped with an ultra precise delay, bass, and equalization management, allowing for very nuanced balance adjustment while preserving the coherence of the music. A pair of subwoofers may be integrated, which are separately adjustable in all parameters. Room influences and tonal challenges and problems can be efficiently corrected. Speaker arrangements can be optimized for every possible listening situation. Joined with Audionet’s room analysis software, CARMA, which captures and analyzes the acoustical behavior and properties of the room, the DNA is now able to perform professional grade room compensation and correction for the passionate amateur and expert.



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