0 to 500.000Hz (-3dB).
The legendary Audionet flatline, built into each and every machine.
Audionet MAX TAS Editors Choice Award 2018Audionet DNx streaming upgrade
Unbelievably precise, incorruptible
musical machines.
H.B. - HiFi-Test designedition


The world is listening.


Product of the Year

Audionet Heisenberg Stern product of the year 2018

Product of the Year + Gold Award by AVShowrooms for our statement Amps STERN and HEISENBERG. It doesn’t get better than this in the High End, guys. Thank you!!!



positive feedback Auszeichnung Audionet
Show report on the HIGHEND Munich of Dr. David Robinson / positive feedback: “I have Audionet at the top of this list because the quality of the sound of the music in this room was simply spectacular.” Audionet was awarded with the AUDIO OASIS AWARD for “truly superior show room sonics & musical experience, providing a heavenfor the weary audio traveler”.

Read more at positive feedback…


The HighEnd present for all streaming fans

Audionet DNx
An amazing initiative of AUDIONET: Thanks to the upgrade free of charge all streaming friends will now be able to enjoy the highest sound quality. Even without having to pay any cent. The leading music streaming services TIDAL, Qobuz and Deezer plus additional tens of thousands of radio stations and podcasts are now available for the AUDIONET DNx machines which mark the sonic state-of-the art. This applies to ALL, even machines that were delivered a long time ago.

Read more on the upgrade and on the setup…


AXPONA 2018 Chicago: “Best of Show: Best Sound (cost no object)”.

AXPONA 2018 in Chicago

Audionet says Thank you! to THE ABSOLUTE SOUND and to Dr. David Robinson of positive feedback, who apparently came to the same conclusion. Guys, you rock!


Review of WATT on positive feedback

review WATT on PF

“From the stillest, calmest, blackest of backgrounds, music erupts into the listening space with alarming immediacy and vividness.”
Follow Maurice Jeffries to our “paradigm-shifting” WATT here on positive feedback…



Audionet MAX & PRE G2 the absolute sound editors choice 2018
“Big, bold harmonious texture…exceptional amplifiers!”

THE ABSOLUTE SOUND loves our Audionet MAX power amp and our PRE G2 pre amp and gave BOTH the TAS EDITOR’S CHOICE AWARD 2018. We’re humbled, again.


SAM 20 SE review in Stereo

Audionet SAM 20 SE review Stereo 02/2018
“The 20 SE enhances the strengths of the “standard” SAM model to perfection, demonstrating the potential of the SAM G2 circuitry – but only for a limited time: when all 200 of these special amps are sold, they’re gone, so this is one well worth seeking out, and soon.”

Read the full report here…


MAX & PRE G2 review in The Absolute Sound

Audionet MAX & PRE G2 The Absolute Sound review 2018
Greg Weaver from The Absolute Sound wrote an incredibly insightful review of the Audionet Pre G2 linestage and MAX mono amps. Be sure to read this one!!!

Read the full report here…


Audionet on facebook

Science at work in Krefeld, West Germany.Image attachment

Science at work in Krefeld, West Germany.Auf den Analog Tagen in Krefeld. Setup mit der p2 von Manger Audio, dem Laufwerk Premier von Scheu Analog und dem Watt von Audionet.
Emotion pur und eine herausragende Resonanz der Zuhörer.
So macht es Spaß 👌
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2 weeks ago

Only 7 more weeks until Christmas. Plan accordingly.

Only 7 more weeks until Christmas. Plan accordingly. ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Come see and hear the science in Budapest!

Come see and hear the science in Budapest!AudioNet SAM 20SE mit DNP sowie Watt & Planck sind jetzt am Wochenende 27.-28. Oktober anläßlich der Budapest HiFi Show im Raum 120 zu sehen und zu hören: ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

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3 weeks ago

Cover beauties.

Cover beauties. ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago

Every editor(-in-chief), too.Image attachmentImage attachment

Every editor(-in-chief), too. ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago

Every elevator tells a story.Image attachment

Every elevator tells a story. ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago


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Planck เป็นซีดีเพลเยอร์ที่ดีที่สุดของ Audionet ดีไซน์ท็อป-โหลดดิ้ง โครงสร้างเครื่องผลิตจากอลูมินั่มที่ปลอดสนามแม่เหล็กและเรโซแนนท์ หัวอ่าน CD-PRO 2LF ภาค DAC มัลติบิท Delta-Sigma แบบดูอัลโมโน ดีซีคัปปลิ้งตลอดทางเดินสัญญาณ ใช้ดีสครีตเอาท์พุตโมดูลแบบคลาสเอพัฒนาใหม่ จ่ายกระแสรวดเร็วฉับไวและมีแบนด์วิธกว้าง มี Clock Generator ความแม่นยำสูงเพื่อขจัดจิตเตอร์
พิเศษด้วยภาค USB Audio 2.0 แบบ Asynchronous เทคโนโลยีเดียวกับรุ่น DNx มี Re-colcking และ Galvanically Isolated แยกอิสระจากวงจรส่วนอื่น รองรับ 192 kHz / 24 bit ใช้อุปกรณ์ภายในเกรดสูงสุดรวมทั้งโรเดียมฟิวส์
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