0 to 500.000Hz (-3dB).
The legendary Audionet flatline, built into each and every machine.
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Additional magic.

Remote Controls

Remote Control RC 1

RC 1

The Audionet Metal Remote Control RC1 is designed to control both Audionet CD-Player and Audionet Stereo Integrated or Pre-Amplifiers. So for Player and Amplifier only one remote control is needed. The Audionet RC1 gives full access to all user operations.


Remote Control RC2

RC 2

The Audionet Metal Remote Control RC2 is designed to control Audionet network devices (so called DNx devices). If the DNx device is a source without volume control (like Audionet DNC) the RC2 can also be used to control an Audionet pre- or integrated amplifier. The Audionet RC2 gives full access to all user operations.


Phono Modules

Audionet Phono Module

Phono Module

For our Pre-Amplifiers DNP and PRE I G3 we offer an excellent phono module for MM and MC cartridges. It is also available for the integrated stereo amplifier SAM G2.


Phono Module DNA

Phono Module DNA

For our integrated network amplifiers DNA and DNA I we offer an ultra-compact phono module.



Network Cables

Network Cables N20, N100 & N1000

Audionet network cables ensure most accurate signal transfer up to highest frequencies. The Audionet decoupling technology provides an electrical separation from the computer network and guarantees a distortion free signal transfer.


Power Cords

Power Cords P20, P100 & P1000

Audionet power cords guarantee a maximum of power flow, minimum resistance and the highest degree of protection against internal and external crossfeed. Additionally special ferrite beads suppress high frequency noise.